These video clip delves into Japan with professional lensman Sharon Gidon.

With glimpses from a wide range of news and feature assignments, videographer Sharon Gidon shows the audience his views of Japan, from sushi shops to sumo stables. With the benefit of press access, Gidon feasts his eyes on Japan's cultural riches.

Sharon Gidon is a Director of Photography, videographer, editor, and producer. He is the president of Tokyo's SGK Studio, a full service video production facility.

Gidon came to Japan in the late 1990s to pursue advanced karate training, and soon found himself drawn into capturing the country's visual beauty on film and video. He produced DVDs covering over twenty major music festivals across the nation and widened his scope of coverage to include news reports, fashion shows, music videos, and commercial films.

As media manager for Konishiki, Gidon archived over 3000 professional matches for the past champion, and today travels with the sumo star as he continues his professional entertainment and charity activities.

Cameraman Sharon Gidon – Video Clip <Set A>

Cameraman Sharon Gidon – On his background and arrival in Japan

Sharon Gidon describes his early involvement in karate, how he first came to Japan, and the influences that shifted his path from the martial to visual arts.

Sharon Gidon on the Rigors of Sumo Training, with Commentary by Konishiki

Sharon Gidon tells of his initial encounter with sumo champion Konishiki, and how he was drawn into the world of sumo. Surprised by the rigor of the sumo lifestyle, Gidon also came to appreciate the sacrifice and selflessness that it requires. Konishiki comments on the regular charity efforts that all sumo wrestlers pursue.

Sharon Gidon on Popular Music Events in Japan

Sharon Gidon explains what sets music festivals in Japan apart, ensuring the comfort and safety of fans and artists alike.

Sharon Gidon on Appreciation of Japanese Aesthetics

Sharon Gidon speaks of the Japanese approach, its artistic aspects and major influences, while revealing some of its subtle visual pleasures.

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