Japan has so much to offer visitors, from a wealth of historic and cultural sites, to breathtaking natural wonders, to cities filled with unique sights, shops, and restaurants. For visitors with disabilities, however, getting the most out of a trip to Japan can require some advance planning to avoid disappointments. When Josh Grisdale first moved to Japan, he found that while a great deal of work had been done to improve accessibility throughout the country, there was not much information available for visitors to help them navigate the cities and transportation networks. To remedy this, he created Accessible Japan, an online information resource for would-be travelers, providing guidance on attractions, hotels, transportation and much more. In this interview, Josh shares some of his experiences in Japan, the reasons behind creating Accessible Japan, and his thoughts on where Japan has progressed on ensuring accessibility, and what is still to be improved.

Official Site: https://www.accessible-japan.com/

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