Nursing Tech

By Staff Writer
March 15, 2023
Japanese society is aging, and from 2025 the number of people aged 75 and over is expected to increase rapidly, leading to a human resources shortage in the nursing care industry. Because of this, there is an accelerating move to adopt technologies such as AI and robots. One company is developing a robotic device that will reduce the burden on workers' backs when caring for an elderly person who has difficulty getting up. Many other "watch-over" systems are also emerging, such as systems that can remotely check on the status of elderly people living alone, and systems that can check on the state of sleep. In order to build a society in which both caregivers and care receivers are supported, nursing care technology will continue to develop in the future.
A healthcare worker wearing a robotic brace helps a woman out of bed
Healthcare workers help a woman into her wheelchair
A group of elderly people sitting and laughing together with a care worker
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