Voluntary work

By Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar Shabout
April 01, 2016

21 December 2015

Recently, I visited Tokyo and other Japanese cities and what really caught my eye was how clean the streets and shops were. I asked who cleans the streets? What I meant is, are there a certain private or governmental company? And they said none of them, but the citizens and the shop owners don't throw any garbage in the streets; In addition, the shop owners voluntarily clean the small spaces in front of their shops. This was the secret behind the cleanness of the Japanese cities.

That reveals the vibrant of the Japanese people and the love for their country and their commitment to keep it clean as well. The secret't essence is the voluntary work. When the citizen is ready to serve his country without any charges, then the result will be the successful like the Japanese experience.

The volunteering is a sign of a developed civilization, a sign that mean the citizens reached a high level of sophistication and self-commitment towards the society. The societies are developing whenever the pace of the voluntary work rose; whenever people are willing to do unpaid services.

We can say that the concept of cooperation that has been called for by Quran represents an early call for the voluntary work.

The government announced the voluntary work week end of 2015.

Iraqi Media Network started the media promotion of this week, in belief of the importance of the cultivation on the concept of voluntary work.

Many people of various ranks responded to this call, which is a good indicator to make us optimistic. Now, many young people voluntarily do many things for their country. And they don't care very much about the pay for what are they doing as long as they feel that they are serving the country, which is collective responsibility.

Our country might be heading toward tough days and years. In the coming years, we will need energy and capacity which are based on voluntarism or reasonable wages. It is time to highlight the voluntarism stream to gain the capacity and power to face challenges.

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