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Explore the Japanese experiment

By Mohammed Bassam Al-Husseini
September 20, 2016

Walking on a tatami carpet, sleeping on futon beds and eating traditional Japanese cuisine in Japanese halls and getting a Japanese bath are all possible at the Kaigetsu Inn, which is a small hotel in Toba, which is famous for its islands, and has four floors and 13 rooms. It is run by Kuki Izaki, assisted by her mother in running it and receiving guests, and her partner Aiwa Saki Ori and their assistant Duwainda from Indonesia, who worked hard until she transformed the hotel to a friendly place for Muslim visitors, according to cleanliness and food.
The inn, besides residence, provides a tourist program with 30 activities such as sea trips, discovery of islands, fishing, diving, trekking in forests and kayaking. Izaki has received awards for “the most active woman” and “best development of the society in 2008 and 2010” for her efforts to combine preserving heritage and caring for the environment at the same time. Kaigetsu Inn is among the hotels equipped to receive Muslim tourists by paying attention to halal food and wudu and prayer areas.

Kuki Izaki, Aiwa Saki Ori and their assistant Duwainda

*Originally published on Kuwait Times on Feb. 8th, 2016.

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