Aerial view for the center and institution where athletes are being prepared for Tokyo Olympics 2020.

In order to prepare champions, and hoist Japan’s flag high in international arenas, the Japanese government decided to construct two major facilities to support athletes and facilitate outstanding sport.
The first is the Japan Institute for Sports Science, and the second is the National Training Center. The Sports Science Center, which started its activities in 2001, contributes in the field of scientific and medical research in three areas:
1 - Supporting physical and psychological medicine, follow athletes’ fitness and carry out periodic tests on them.
2 - Carry out continued research to develop their abilities.
3 - Provide comprehensive clinics to treat and rehabilitate them.
As for the Training Center, it is a complex that includes most advanced facilities to carry out training in all disciplines.

*Originally published on Kuwait Times on Feb. 9th, 2016.

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