State of autumn colors in Tokyo

The autumn color season is now at their best viewing in many cities on the main island of Honshu, and Joe reported that the colors in Tokyo were approaching their peak when he was there nine days ago. Today, I visited some popular autumn color spots in Tokyo and found that the state of the autumn colors at the places I visited varied widely, from peak colors to just starting to change. However, the autumn colors in most of the city are at their best viewing.

Due to the rising numbers of coronavirus cases in Tokyo, Tokyo Governor Koike has requested for businesses to close earlier and residents to refrain from going out from the coming weekend, November 28 till December 17, 2020. In accordance with the guidelines set out by the local government, this will be our last report from Tokyo and tomorrow's report from Kyoto will be last for the 2020 autumn color season.

Icho Namiki

My first stop for the day was the Jingu Gaien Icho Namiki in Aoyama. The ginkgo tree lined avenue is a popular spot to go for a stroll and see the yellow gold gingko leaves. I found the leaves here to be at their best viewing with some trees needing more time before turning to their golden best.

Ginkgo tree avenue in Aoyama
There was a sizeable crowd when I was there today
Yellow-gold leaves
Everyday autumn
May your world be gold

Koishikawa Korakuen

Next was one of Tokyo's best landscape gardens, Koishikawa Korakuen. The spacious garden has a nice strolling route, which allows visitors to see the autumn colors in the different areas. Overall, the autumn colors were approaching their best, but it should be another week or so before the colors peak.

Maple leaves and walking across the Togetsukyo bridge
Fallen leaves
These baby red leaves are my fave
There was a bit of everything at the park. Fallen leaves, fiery autumn leaves and bits of greenery
Stepping stones across the stream
Shiraito Falls
Secret agents meeting
Koishikawa Korakuen Garden
The maple tree grove in the garden was still mostly green
The trees at the entrance were nicely colored

Institute of Nature Studies

My last spot was the Institute of Nature Studies, a tranquil green oasis, in central Tokyo. This spot was the biggest surprise for me today as the autumn colors were still at an early stage compared to the rest of the city. In fact, virtually all of the maple leaves were still green when I was there. I expect this spot to be an autumn color hot spot closer to mid December. But, despite the lack of autumn colors, it was still nice to walk through the sizeable park and enjoy the greenery.

Mostly green maple leaves
A hint of color
Fluffy susuki plants
Undercover agent hidden by some autumn colors
Green autumn colors
Interesting plant at the park
Walking paths in the park
Little pockets of color
There were other trees that change color at the park, but they weren't too colorful either

By Raina Ong,

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