Japan in Photos – Dezome-shiki

By Staff Writer
January 05, 2022

As old Japanese buildings have been made almost entirely of wood, fire-fighting has been job of the utmost importance for centuries. Dezome-shiki is a combination of festival and demonstration usually held in the first week of January by local fire brigades to show their skill and techniques, and to remind people to take care with fire. One display of skill that has held over from the old days is the ladder dance, in which firefighters do acrobatic tricks at the tops of tall bamboo ladders.

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Dezome-shiki: A New Year’s Ceremony with Edo-era Roots | Goin’ Japanesque! (

A fire fighter in traditional Japanese clothing balances on top of a high ladder A row of fire trucks with fire fighters all holding traditional banners Fire fighters with hoses putting on a demonstration
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