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Regional Revitalisation: Saijo, Ehime

By Staff Writer
November 25, 2022
Saijo City in Ehime Prefecture, was ranked the best rural city to live in a 2021 magazine survey, According to the results of the 2010-2015 census, Saijo was one of a number of cities in Japan that could expect to see a decline in the population of young women by 2040. In response, the city leaders announced these results to residents and began local development aimed at becoming a sustainable city. Saijo City has since been promoting outdoor facilities that take advantage of its abundant nature, ICT education in elementary and junior high schools, and support for entrepreneurs. A project to create a compact city within the city is also planned based on the concept of "people-friendly city development."
A family sitting in a wooden Japanese house with open walls
Children in a classroom using a tablet
A child climbing through a forest playground
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