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Regional Revitalisation: Ohnan-cho, Shimane prefecture

By Staff Writer
October 21, 2022
Ohnan-cho in Shimane Prefecture has embarked on a program of regional revitalization, using a pair of unique slogans. The first, "The best way to raise children in Japan" is based on the measures taken to create an environment where not only can parents raise their children with peace of mind, but also where the economic burden of raising children is reduced. The second slogan, "Class A Gourmet Living" is part of a program in which crops harvested in the town, rather than being sold to large cities, are branded as “Ohnan vegetables” for use in local restaurants, creating a local food culture. Thanks to the slogans, Ohnan-cho has seen a significant increase in tourism and people coming to live, and with the establishment of cooking and agriculture schools, more people are coming who train in food industries and start their own businesses.
The village of Ohnan-cho
parents and daycare workers taking care of young children
a woman in a restaurant preparing a meal
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