• How is Social Business Related to Sustainability?

How is Social Business Related to Sustainability?

By Staff Writer
December 02, 2022
Social Business has been a popular expression, but there is no one clear definition or standard for authentication which is globally recognized.

METI, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, held the "Social Business Study Group" and published a report in April, 2008 and defined social business with three characteristics.

The first characteristic is Sociality. The mission of the business activity should be to address social issues that currently require solutions. Depending on the nature of the social issue to be solved, the scope of activities may have a regional dimension, but the presence or absence of a regional dimension is not included in the criteria for a social business.

The second characteristic is Business Nature. The mission should be expressed in the form of business, and business activities should be continuously promoted.

The third characteristic is Innovativeness. Developing or utilizing new social products and services and mechanisms for providing them. Also, to create new social values through the spread of such activities in society.

As seen, these three characteristics are applicable to various kinds of business. When people search “social business,” what may come up are businesses related to ethical agriculture, green energy, supporting homeless people, food loss, education and many more.

Since social business tackles social issues, it takes place around those who need help. Some people need community to support to each other. Some need ways to support their lives financially. The global community has to face climate change and survive what it brings. All social issues are in some ways sustainability issues because social issues dictate if certain people can live their life today, tomorrow and in the future, or not.

Borderless Group conducts a wide range of business to solve social issues. One of them is supporting socially vulnerable people in Bangladesh.
Two Bangladeshi women working in a factory
Women working in BLJ Apparel‘s factory
For example, single mothers in Bangladesh have great difficulty in finding employment. Even when they can find work, many have no choice but to choose jobs that do not involve people or that do not lead to a future so that they do not face discrimination because they are single mothers. If the job is not stable, this can lead to consequences such as not being able to send their children to school.
A group of Bangladeshi women at a work meeting
Working members at BLJ Apparel‘s factory
BLJ Apparel, a part pf Borderless Group, provides socially vulnerable people, such as single mothers, people with disabilities, elder people that cannot easily get jobs, with jobs in their factory that produces organic baby clothing that allow them to work without discrimination, even if they do not have the skills, and that allow them to improve their skills so that they can lead a stable life. If their children are still in school, they can leave their children at day care centers and work.
The women working at BLJ Apparel
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