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Japan in Photos – Rose Garden

By Staff Writer
May 31, 2022
The season for roses in Japan is in May and June. There are about 350 rose gardens in Japan (as of April 2022). During this time, the rose gardens are surrounded by colorful blossoms and a fresh, sweet scent. Roses have been known in Japan since antiquity, appearing in the famous novel "The tale of Genji," which was written in the 10th century during Japan's Heian Period. Western-style roses were first introduced during the Meiji Era in the late 19th century, and after that rose gardening became popular in Japan. Nowadays, more and more people are enjoying gardening in their homes and going out to public gardens.
Rose garden at Yamanashi
Yamanashi Fujikawa Craft Park
Roses in front of a Japanese temple
Ofusa Kannon ~The Temple of Roses and Wind Chimes
A large park-style garden filled with rose bushes
Keisei Rose Garden
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