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Japan in Photos – Hiraizumi

By Staff Writer
August 04, 2022
Hiraizumi in Iwate Prefecture of Japan's north was founded back at the end of the 8th century, and at noe point was considered a rival to Kyoto in its splendor until much of it was destroyed in 1189. The temple complex, constructed to represent the the Buddhist "Pure Land," was the final resting place of many leaders of the famed Fujiwara clan. In 2011, the "Historic Sites and Monumennts of Hiraizumi" were collectively recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The many temples, shrines, and gardens are scattered around the town, where visitors can tour them on foot.
One of the rebuilt temple buildings of Hiraizumi
Interior of one of the Buddhist temples, with a large golden statue of the Buddha
A pond in one of Hiraizumi's many gardens
Shinto shrine building, painted in traditional orange
Stone statue of the Buddha
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