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The scenery of late fall

By Staff Writer
November 25, 2022
November in Japan is the time of year when autumn turns to winter. The weather gradually becomes chilly as the sounds of winter gradually approach. From the end of October to the beginning of December, the leaves begin to change color in a wave moving down the archipelago from north to south. When entering the mountains at this time of year, one is mesmerized by the brightly colored red, orange, and yellow leaves of the trees. The rice harvests also draw to a close at this time. Many people go outdoors to enjoy nature in autumn before the cold winter arrives.
Mt Fuji in the background, with a lake and bright red foliage in the foreground
Steam rising from the houses of Go-Shirakawa on an autumn morning
A rural highway lined with trees with bright orange leave
A small group of people viewing a waterfall surrounded by red foliage
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