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Histrical Building: Goryokaku

By Staff Writer
December 16, 2022
Goryokaku, located in Hakodate city on the northern island of Hokkaido, is a fortress which was built in 1864 near the end of the Edo period using a western-style design. The defensive advantages of the star-shaped construction made this fortress design popular during Europe's war-torn middle ages. The fortress was used as a government office of the Edo Shogunate but was also the site of a battle during the Hakodate War. The fortress became Goryokaku fort park from 1914 and soon became a popular spot to visit. It is famous for cherry blossoms in Spring and fantastic illuminations in winter. Goryokaku is designated one of the special historic sites of Japan. The scenery from the tower near from Goryokaku is very popular with tourists.
An aerial view of Goryokaku, showing the star shape of the fortress
A direct overhead view of Goryokaku, when the cherry trees are in bloom
The nearby observation deck, overlooking Goryokaku park
Goryokaku in winter, when the park is brightly illuminated at night
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