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World Heritage: Ogasawara Island

By Staff Writer
July 28, 2023
The Ogasawara Islands, about 1,000 kilometers from Tokyo, were registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2011. The region consists of over 30 islands and the surface area is about 8,000 hectares. The islands are home to many creatures and plants that can only be seen on these islands where untouched nature remains. The flora and fauna found in the isolated islands, located in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, have a unique development. Therefore, the islands are referred to as the “Oriental Galapagos”. The sea in this area is also beautiful and is famous for diving. The islands are only accessible by ferry and it takes about 24 hours. Despite being far from Tokyo, an endless number of people are fascinated by the nature found on the island.
Cobalt blue sea spreading out.
Children walking in the forest.
A beach with a crowd.
Colorful fish swimming under the sea.
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