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Kyoto Kamogawa Noryo-Yuka

By Staff Writer
September 08, 2023
'Kamogawa Noryo-Yuka' is a summer tradition in Kyoto. The 23km Kamogawa River flows from north to south through Kyoto. 'Kawa-Yuka' are outdoor tatami rooms which can be found at restaurants on the riverside, where visitors can enjoy their meals. They are said to have originated about 400 years ago when merchants brought benches to the riverbed to take a break from the heat. In the Edo period, there were numerous teahouses along the Kamogawa River, creating a tradition of cooling off in the riverbed. From the Meiji period onwards, restaurants began to serve Yuka in the months of July and August. The Kamogawa River is a cooling spot for both locals and tourists in the summer.
Restaurants with outside tatami rooms are lined up along Kamogawa River.
Kamogawa River at night and a bridge over the river
Kawa-Yuka terraces along Kamogawa River
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