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Oirase Keiryu, Mountain Stream in Towada

By Staff Writer
December 08, 2023
Oirase Keiryu is a 14km mountain stream of the Oirase River that runs from Lake Towada to Mt. Yakeyama in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture. This place has been designated and protected by the government as a natural monument. There are many attractions, such as waterfalls, clear streams, and rocks. There is a promenade along the mountain stream, so anyone can walk. It becomes cold in the mornings and evenings during autumn. Starting in October, beautiful autumn leaves blanket the area, attracting numerous visitors who stroll around admiring the scenery. The season of autumn leaves is followed by the rapid arrival of winter. During the autumn holidays, the area is crowded all day long with people drawing pictures and taking photos of the scenery.
A mountain stream flowing through the autumn forest
A small waterfall flowing in the autumn forest
A wooden bridge spanning the river
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