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The Top 5 Hidden Spots with Beautiful Scenery in Japan

By Staff Writer
March 15, 2024
Japan has many hidden unique spots waiting to be enjoyed by travelers looking for new experiences without the big crowds found at popular tourist places. Below are the top 5 hidden spots with beautiful scenery in Japan.

Takkoku-no-iwaya Bishamondo Temple, Iwate Prefecture

Located in Hirazumi Town, Iwate Prefecture, the temple boasts a 1200-year history as a cave where the Shogun Sakanoue no Tamuramaro enshrined Bishamonten (the God of war) to commemorate his military victory over the indigenous people of the north in the 9th century. This mystical temple built into a cliff face is a must-see.
Takkoku-no-iwaya Bishamondo Temple in Iwate prefecture

Minakami Onsen, Gunma Prefecture

The hot spring town of Minakami Onsen located in the Tone District of Gunma Prefecture offers visitors a wide range of outdoor activities, from skiing and snowboarding in winter to rafting, canoeing, and bungee jumping in summer. Its hot spring waters are believed to have healing properties since ancient times, curing neuralgia, rheumatism, gastrointestinal diseases, and boosting skin health. You can also find inns and hotels along the Tone River.

Egawa Kaigan (Coast), Chiba Prefecture

Referred to as Japan’s Salar de Uyuni, in reference to the famous South American salt flats, the Egawa Kaigan in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture is known for its striking scenery, and also as a clam digging spot. A set of poles placed across the seaside were built to power observation stations that prevent clam poaching at mudflats in the area, creating a unique sight of poles floating in the sea at high tide.

Kaminoko-ike Pond, Hokkaido

The Kaminoko-ike Pond located in a forest northeast of Lake Mashu near Kiyosato in Hokkaido, offers a unique scenery with its crystal-clear water which changes colour from emerald green to pale blue. Fallen leaves in the pond remain intact without rotting due to its year-round frigid 8-degree Celsius temperature.
Kaminoko-ike Pond in Hokkaido

Achi, Nagano Prefecture

Nestled in the Japanese alps, Achi Village in Nagano Prefecture was recognised by the Ministry of the Environment as the best place to see stars in Japan as it is known to be the darkest at night in the country. In addition to stargazing events held throughout the year, visitors can also get a relaxing soak in the skin-beautifying Hirugami onsen.
Achi's starry sky at night in Nagano prefecture
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