• Toyota Kaikan Museum: An eye on the present, and another on the future

Toyota Kaikan Museum: An eye on the present, and another on the future

By Mohammed Bassam Al-Husseini
September 20, 2016

Following the tour of Takaoka plant, we went to the Toyota Kaikan museum, which has seven halls:
1- A hall introducing Toyota’s various means to produce an environmentally ideal car.
2- Safety and movement flexibility hall explains the group’s efforts towards producing safe cars of the highest level.
3- A hall explaining how Toyota manufactures quality cars under the slogan “good thinking...good products”.
4- “Toyota in Society” hall sheds light on the history of the group’s social responsibility activities.
5- Sports car hall that achieved success, happiness, dreams and victories.
6- A hall that displays the most modern models of Toyota and Lexus.
7- Children’s hall that educates them on car manufacturing.
The museum has a shopping center to buy souvenirs that that have the Toyota trademark. The most enjoyable hall in the museum is one which simulates the future by finding car designs that may be needed in the market, even if not approved for production yet. Among the models are the Road-1 car and “partner robots” that can make people’s lives easier in societies where the need for electric cars is on the increase, and move freely in smart cities where energy efficiency in managed carefully.
In order for a comfortable life, Toyota is working on developing clean and safe cars. In addition to its main concentration on hybrid cars, Toyota is working on increasing the efficiency of gasoline and diesel vehicles, and is promoting fuel cell cars that run on hydrogen, which does not emit any carbon dioxide.

A miniature of the Toyota factory.

Photo shows the automobile manufacturing in four stages.

The Lexus section

A special zone to show kids how cars are manufactured.

Kayesuki Sito and his colleague Yushitomo Kanihara in front of the Toyota logo.

Landmarks in the history of Toyota

A prototype of Road-1 car

Sakichi Toyoda generator.
Toyoda invents the G model.
Selling the automatic loom to a British company.
Kiichiro Toyoda starts research on a small engine that operates on gasoline.
Establishing the car division at Toyoda Automatic Loom Ltd.
Completion of the AA sedan car.
Establishing Toyota Motor Co Ltd.
Production starts at Honsha plant.
Launching Toyota Crown as the first complete passenger car.
Exporting the first models of Crown to the United States.
Production starts at Motomachi plant (the first passenger car plant in Japan).
Launching Corolla, and Takaoka plant starts production.
The start of prefab residences.
Start of production at Toyota Car Manufacturing Co in Kentucky.
Launching the trademark for Lexus cars in the United States.
Production starts at the Toyota Car Manufacturing Co in the United Kingdom.
Launch of Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid car in the world.
The total national production exceeds 100 million cars; Toyota Kirloskar Pvt Co begins production in India.
Sichuan Faw Toyota Motor Co begins production in China.
Toyota Car Manufacturing Co begins production in France.
Tianjin Faw Toyota Car Co begins production in China.
JAC Toyota Car Co Ltd starts production in China.
Total world production exceeds 200 million cars.
Launch of Mirai, the first car to operate with fuel cells and marketed to the public.

*Originally published on Kuwait Times on Feb. 10th, 2016.
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