Tea time: The smart Teplo Teapot measures your pulse and temperature, plus ambient humidity, luminance and even noise level, to customize your cup of tea to your physical condition. |

Tea time

With the arrival of autumn heralding cooler temperatures, it’s time to start thinking about warming cups of tea.

Not everyone knows how to properly adjust the amount of tea leaves and water, extraction time and brewing temperature for different types of tea. Gadget startup Load & Road has released a smart Teplo Teapot with a unique extraction technology that automatically adjusts brewing based on the type of tea leaf. It also has a “personalized extraction function” that further optimizes the brew according to your physical condition.

Simply fill the Teplo infuser with tea leaves and then select the type of tea you want to make from the Teplo app’s database of 20 types of tea — including Japanese, black, Chinese and herbal tea. When you place your finger on the Teplo’s control panel, its six sensors measure your pulse and temperature as well as the room temperature, humidity, illuminance and even noise level. For example, after you wake up in the morning, Teplo brews tea leaves at a higher temperature and with a higher amount of bitterness and caffeine to combat sleepiness.

The Teplo retails for ¥27,500 (tax included), but sold out soon after its Aug. 29 debut. But don’t worry: Just register your email on the Teplo website to be notified when it’s back in stock.


Touchable tech: Digicoro combines the creativity of analog toys with on-screen apps to help enrich childrens’ play indoors.

Smart toy

Adults aren’t the only ones who have been stuck at home for months: COVID-19 also limits how children can play. But is there an educational way to keep them from getting bored at home?

Made of resin and silicone, Digicoro’s many protruding nubs make it easy for children to grab. For children, the act of touching or grasping something is indispensable for mental development and dexterity. However, the popularity of analog toys such as building blocks and balls has diminished, while playing games or watching videos on smartphones and tablets has become widespread. Digicoro combines both of these elements.

Used in conjunction with any of the 10 free Digicoro apps (available on iOS), children can play games such as Catch the Insects or Protect the Cake by rolling Digicoro around an iPad screen like a spherical stylus. It’s available online for ¥5,500 (tax included).


Banishing germs: Il Primo Co.’s Keepack line of waterproof backpacks and satchels have a pouch equipped with an ultraviolet C LED disinfecting light.

Sterilize on the go

Many sterilization products have been developed in response to COVID-19, and this one allows you to sterilize even while on the go.

Il Primo Co.’s Keepack waterproof backpacks and satchels each have a pouch equipped with an ultraviolet C LED disinfecting light. When you have to go out, put gadgets and items you handle often, such as smartphones, spare masks, wallets and handkerchiefs, inside. To use, simply connect the bag to your phone with the included USB cable and click the power button to turn on the UVC LED lights. After the three-minute cycle, the LEDs automatically turn off. It also turns off as soon when you unzip the bag to grab something, so there’s no risk of wasting power or accidentally staring directly into the UVC LED light. Both the UV Sterilizing Bag and smaller UV Folding Sterilizing Bag come with three UVC LED lights with wavelengths of 260 to 280 nanometers.

Both Keepack bags are scheduled to be released in December and are currently accepting pre-orders via the crowdfunding platform Makuake through Nov. 25. The backpack retails for ¥17,500 (before tax) while the smaller satchel costs ¥9,500 (before tax).

bit.ly/keepack-jp (Japanese only)

By Chiho Komoriya, The Japan Times

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