Japan By Numbers - The Busiest Stations in Japan

By Staff Writer
June 30, 2022
No.1: Shinjuku Station (Approximately 1.57 million passengers per day)
Shinjuku Station is the top passenger station with approximately 1.57 million passengers per day. The number of passengers is extremely high because Shinjuku Station is the arrival and departure point for various train lines. Shinjuku Station is also very convenient for commuting to work and school and is often used for transfers. However, Shinjuku Station is very wide, and the exits are far apart, so getting lost is a common occurrence.
Crowds of commuters in Shinjuku station
No.2: Shibuya Station (Approximately 1.16 million passengers per day)
The number of passengers is high because Shibuya Station is served by many train lines, including the JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, and subway lines. Shibuya has a famous intersection called "Shibuya Scramble Crossing" where many foreigners take pictures. There is also a widespread culture of people dressing up in costumes and gathering in Shibuya on Halloween.
Massive crowd at the scramble outside Shibuya station
No.3: Ikebukuro Station (Approximately 1.13 million passengers per day)
Since Ikebukuro is located close to Saitama Prefecture, many residents of Saitama Prefecture use Ikebukuro Station when they come to Tokyo. The area surrounding the station is home to large shopping facilities, theaters, and amusement facilities that appeal to both young people and adults. Ikebukuro also has stores related to anime and manga content. There is also a statue of an owl in Ikebukuro, which is considered a popular meeting place.
The Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro station
No.4:Tokyo Station (Approximately 930,000 passengers per day)
Tokyo Station is a huge terminal station, and when taking the Shinkansen, boarding at Tokyo Station gives you a good chance of getting a seat. Many people who use Tokyo Station take the Shinkansen on business trips. Perhaps because of this, there are many obento and souvenir shops in Tokyo Station. Among them, "Tokyo Banana" is one of the most famous Japanese sweets, and many people buy it as a souvenir of Tokyo when they go to other regions.
The newly refurbished Tokyo station under a blue sky
No.5: Osaka Station (Approximately 930,000 passengers per day)
While all of the above stations are in the Kanto region, Osaka station is the only one in the Kansai region in this ranking. Osaka also has its own dialect, which is spoken differently from the standard language. There are many gourmet restaurants in the area around Osaka Station, and takoyaki, kushikatsu, and okonomiyaki are especially famous and popular.
An aerial view of Osaka station
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