Your country and Japan:Republic of Poland

By Staff Writer
October 06, 2022
Poland and Japan recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. The two nations have a history of goodwill and friendship. Looking back at their history, Japan welcomed Poles who were taken prisoner during the Russo-Japanese War with kindness on Japanese soil until the end of the war. In the confusion immediately after the Russian Revolution, the Japanese government and the Japanese Red Cross accepted Polish orphans and then returned the children to Poland. for the 1913 Exposition in Poland, the Japanese delegation provided the garden space pictured below in a park in Wroclaw. In 1940, during the Second World War, Mr. Chiune Sugiura, then Consul General of Japan in Lithuania, issued visas to many Jewish Poles and Lithuanians to help them escape to the United States. And now, Polish universities are offering Japanese language and culture classes, and Polish people are showing a very high interest in Japan. Japanese style locations like the Japanese garden in Wroclaw are also popular. In terms of business, over 350 Japanese companies have expanded their operations into Poland.
Japanese garden in Wroclaw in Poland
Japanese garden in Wroclaw
A bronze statue of Chiune Sugiura
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