Historical Building:Tokyo Station

By Staff Writer
October 06, 2022
Tokyo Station, with its beautiful red brick design, is a famous symbol of Tokyo. The station building was designed by modern architect Kingo Tatsuno, with construction of the station building beginning in 1908 and opening for operations in 1914. When the Great Kanto Earthquake struck in 1923, Tokyo Station was not damaged and so became an evacuation site. During the 1940 Tokyo air raids during World War II, the station building was severely damaged, but was restored in 1947. After that, due to Japan's period of high economic growth, the station gained a vast network of railway lines, including subways, conventional trains, and Shinkansen bullet trains. It recently underwent another round of restoration work to return it to its original beauty.
The front facade of Tokyo Station
An aerial view of Tokyo Station
The park in front of Tokyo Station at night
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