NOUSAKU~ Japanese Tradition and Innovation

By Staff Writer
December 02, 2022
Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture, which is known for Takaoka copperware, is famous as the "City of Metalcasting.” Since its establishment in 1916, Nousaku Corporation, a casting manufacturer headquartered in this area, has been showing the beauty of casting inside Japan and overseas. The company has focused on researching materials and developing products in order to pass on the traditional craft of casting to the next generation. Nousaku has focused on the softness of tin as a material, and its modern and stylish designs, such as the "KAGO" series of bendable tableware made of 100% tin that can change shape at will, and product lines that respond to the lifestyles of modern people, have received high acclaim internationally. Nousaku is promoting industrial tourism in order to make this traditional industry known to as many people as possible. At the factory and company building, visitors can take a factory tour to see the craftsmen's handiwork up close, and experience casting process, where items made of 100% tin can be made using traditional techniques. Visitors can also dine at the café on the company's tin tableware. Visitors can learn the traditional Japanese craft of casting and the skills of the craftsmen while having fun at the same time. (Photos are courtesy NOUSAKU.)
Serving container and drinking cup made from tin
Bread, fruit, and eggs in baskets made from thin strands of tin
A piece of metal material being turned on a lathe
Children learning how to make traditional crafts
Photos are courtesy NOUSAKU.
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