The Movie’s Day in Japan

By Staff Writer
December 26, 2022
Watching movies in theaters is still very popular among many people in Japan, and December 1 has been named Movie Day as a way of celebrating Japan's film history.

The first film screened in Japan was shown in 1896 in the city of Kobe. At the time the projection device was called a Kinetoscope, and was very similar to the one first developed by Thomas Edison. For the 60th anniversary of this first screening, the Eidanren, or Japan Federation of Film Industry Associations, launched a major film festival on December 1, 1956 to celebrate the industry. The event was attended by Japan's top film stars and leading movie creators, and even by the Prime Minister himself.
Japanese people in a cenima watching a movie
Modern Japanese cinemas offer a wide range of services and foods to attract customers
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