Capsule Toy

By Staff Writer
March 03, 2023
Capsule toys are small items sold in plastic capsules from vending machines. These capsule vending machines were created in the U.S. and imported to Japan in 1965, and by the 1970s capsule toys had spread throughout the country. Each vending machine has several types of toys in capsules, and when a coin is inserted and the lever is turned, one of the toys comes out at random. Capsule toys used to be enjoyed by children, but now adults can also collect and enjoy them. In some cases, vending machines have been installed at tourist attractions to sell local goods. Today, capsule toys are also popular among tourists visiting Japan from overseas. Some airports have installed vending machines for tourists. Anime character toys are popular among overseas tourists.
A person turning the handle of a capsule toy machine
Plastic capsules with toys inside them
A row of capsule toy vending machines
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