Japan's history of radio

By Staff Writer
March 17, 2023
Radio broadcasting began in Japan on March 22, 1925. Broadcasting first began in Tokyo, followed by Osaka and Nagoya. In the postwar 1950s, commercial radio stations began broadcasting one after another. Radio broadcasting is said to have greatly changed the lives of the people. In the early days of radio broadcasting, before there were TVs or smartphones, people were able to get information from the radio as quickly as possible. Traffic information, weather forecasts, sports reports, rakugo (comic monologue), music, and other entertainment were broadcasted. Today, radios are often used for disaster prevention. It has been almost 100 years since radio broadcasting began. Nowadays, we can listen to radio broadcasts by downloading them through smartphone applications. However, there are still many fans who listen to the tasteful sounds coming from the radio.
A microphone inside a recording booth
Actors recording their voices for a radio program in a studio
A portable radio on a desk
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