Japan in Photos – Rikyu-ki(Sen no Rikyu)

By Staff Writer
March 09, 2022
Many people are familiar with Japanese tea ceremony, and its intricate patterns and rituals. The practice became widespread during the 14th century as a form of Zen Buddhist contemplation, in which participants are to become focused on the presence and nature of the objects around them. Each March 27, Rikyu-ki, or the memorial ceremony for Sen no Rikyu, has been observed. Rikyu was a tea ceremony master in the court of the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi (one of the three main architects of the unification of Japan under a single government following the centuries-long era of territorial warfare). According to one account, Rikyu subtly rebuked Hideyoshi for his violent excesses, merely by presenting his tea in a black cup. The insult cost Rikyu his life, as he knew it would, but the event caused Hideyoshi deep regret over his actions for many years after.
Scene from a traditional tea ceremony, as hot water is ladled from a clay pot

Bronze statue of Sen no Rikyu
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