Biomass fuel energy in Ogunimachi, Kumamoto

By Staff Writer
April 07, 2023
Oguni Town in Kumamoto Prefecture, is in an area of rich forests. Timber from the town's trees is used to construct public buildings, as active use of forest resources leads to the development of the forestry industry. Oguni Town has also been selected by the government as an "Environmental Model City" for its efforts to realize a carbon-neutral society. The town utilizes forest resources (biomass) as fuel for boilers to supply energy to the community. The hot air generated by the biomass fuel is used for the town's fuel supply, hot springs, and hot water heaters. In addition, to promote "tree education," the town gives toys made from trees in the town to children and has installed wooden playground equipment at the town's child-rearing support center, thereby creating a town where people can feel familiar with a wood-based lifestyle.
Aerial view of Oguni town
A child playing with wooden toy blocks
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