A briefing session was held in the House of Lords in early March 2015 at which I reported back to members of the House of Lords and a range of invited guests interested in Anglo-Japanese relations about my visit to Japan in November 2014.

I went through many of the issues raised at the November Tokyo Symposium and also emphasised the long and close relationship which Japan and the UK have enjoyed both in the early part of the 20th century and since the second world war, and the extent and importance of Japan`s investments in the UK in recent years. Japan`s Ambassador in charge of Public Diplomacy in Europe, Ambassador Ishii, spoke about the development of relations between Japan and the E.U., and Professor Iwama (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) looked at a broad range of current international issues involving Japan and the United Kingdom.

There then followed an excellent discussion amongst participants about Anglo-Japanese relations, economic and trade prospects and future developments both in the E.U. and further afield, to which Ambassador Ishii and Professor Iwama replied. The event ended with a reception for participants in Millbank House.

I am most grateful to the Japanese Embassy for facilitating the event and for inviting such an eminent and interesting range of speakers and participants.

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