Africa is a growing continent with huge potential for investment in technology and innovation. In this interview, Kenyan Ambassador Solomon Maina talks about how Africa is ready to “graduate to the next level” of competitiveness and growth, which will lead to a high standard of living.

He discusses the growing role of private enterprise in Africa, from a side issue at global conferences to a central platform, noting that while Africa is rich in so many aspects, there is still one element that is needed from overseas investors, especially Japan.

The business environment across Africa has transformed, with countries offering a much more investment-friendly welcome to overseas companies. Mr. Maina elaborates on the specifics, and what companies in Japan can expect to find when they come to Kenya.

Mr. Maina also discusses Kenya’s relationship with the oceans, including the importance of establishing a sustainable Blue Economy policy, and the recent developments in FOIP strategy for the region.

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