SDG Future City

By Staff Writer
November 25, 2022
The "SDGs Future City" program, launched in 2018, is a system under which the government selects municipalities that have made outstanding proposals for solving issues and creating new value in the three aspects of "economy," "society," and "environment" with the aim of building a model for the SDGs in Japan.

The government aims to increase the number of municipalities working on the SDGs to 60% of all municipalities in Japan by 2024, and it is essential to have successful examples that can serve as models.

In order to achieve the SDGs, everyone needs to work together, and local governments are also actively working to achieve the goals. It is considered that municipalities' efforts to achieve the SDGs will lead to the revitalization of local communities and solutions to local issues.
A graphic of the 17 SDGs and a map of Japan
Since 2008, Japan has selected “Eco-Model City” and "Future City" Initiative" to help realize a sustainable economy and society. And "SDGs Future City" are selected in addition to “Eco-Model City” and "Future City" Initiative" for the purpose of further promoting regional development and cities that propose initiatives to achieve the SDGs.

A total of 154 cities have been selected as "SDGs Future City" so far, including 29 cities in 2018, 31 cities in 2019, 33 cities in 2020, 31 cities in 2021, and 30 cities in 2022.

In addition, the three evaluation criteria for selection are "being concrete," "collaboration with stakeholders," and "proactive participation of citizens," with particular attention paid to these three criteria.
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One of the advantages of being selected as an "SDG Future City" is that the extensive follow-up support from the government, including advice from experts and ministries and agencies for more effective implementation of the plan.

The government is trying to create an environment that makes it easier for municipalities that have not yet started to work on the SDGs to do so by forming and disseminating many successful SDGs case studies.
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