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  • The Women's Participation Promotion Award in Tokyo

The Women's Participation Promotion Award in Tokyo

By Staff Writer
February 03, 2023
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government presents the " Women's Participation Promotion Award" to companies, organizations, and individuals who are making efforts to promote women's activities toward the realization of a society in which all women can choose diverse ways of life according to their motivation and abilities.
TA group of women in an office setting
This year, from Friday, June 17 to Sunday, July 31, 2022, companies, organizations, and individuals working to promote women's activities were invited to apply, and the results were announced at the end of the year.

The grand prize was awarded to Yoshimura Package Partners Co. Ltd. and POLA INC.

Yoshimura Corporation has positioned about half of its management committee seats as "21st Century Quota," and actively promoted women and young employees. Yoshimura Corporation has achieved a change in its former corporate culture of "men manage and women assist," and in the unconscious division of roles between men and women, resulting in an increase in the number of women in management positions.

POLA INC. has strongly promoted the empowerment of women both internally and externally, and the ratio of female executives has increased to 40%. Training on unconscious bias and other issues was developed to raise employees' gender awareness. The company supports the career development of female employees by subsidizing the cost of infertility treatment, etc. and holding seminars on women's specific concerns. In addition, together with the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, the company has produced a booklet, "Gender Lessons for Teenagers," which has been donated to 30,000 elementary and junior high schools. The booklet has been donated to 30,000 elementary and junior high schools to support career education for the next generation.

The Excellence Awards went to Novita Corporation, Fujita Corporation, and Aoyama Gakuin University.

Novita Corporation has realized a flexible work style by reflecting the findings of its female president in each of its policies. Based on telecommuting, employees can work from 48 hours per month in approximately 20 different work styles according to individual circumstances. The employment status was reviewed at least every three months. In addition, in order to activate communication while working at home, a weekly morning meeting is held with the participation of all employees, and a gathering is held for mothers.

In addition, in order to activate communication in telecommuting, the company holds a weekly morning meeting with the participation of all employees and a chat meeting where mothers can gather and exchange information, and actively disseminates examples of flexible work styles through the website media.

Fujita Corporation launched "F-net," a network for female career-track employees in 2007, and systematically promoted women's activities by conducting surveys and analyses to improve the environment, exchanging opinions and information across branches and age groups, and holding various seminars. The ratio of female employees increased from 2% in 2007 to 13.5% in 2022. In addition, based on the analysis of "F-net" and other data, the company has established various support systems for balancing work and family life, including childcare-related assistance and return-to-work support services.

Aoyama Gakuin University established "ADPISA-F," an IT recurrent education program for women, for women who lost their jobs or wished to change their jobs due to the Corona disaster or other reasons, to develop human resources who can work in the IT field. ADPISA-F promotes recurrent education that takes into account women's life events, and has established a system of cooperation between industry, government, and academia. The employment rate of graduates was 73%, and the average satisfaction rate was 4.8 on a 5-point scale.
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