UN and Japan

By Staff Writer
May 10, 2023
Japan has recently been elected, for the 12th time, to serve as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the years 2023-24. Japan is expected to guarantee international peace and security along with the other four new nonpermanent members which are Mozambique, Ecuador, Malta and Switzerland.

Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Ishikane Kimihiro highlighted at a press briefing the two signature open debates of Japan for that month, one on the promotion and the strengthening of the rule of law and the other on peace building and peace sustainability.
With the passing of almost a year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, these goals will be a real challenge for the UNSC in the face of the deteriorating external environment, particularly that a lack of consensus exist within the institution itself. Indeed, when on February 23rd, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for “a comprehensive, just and lasting peace” between Russia and Ukraine, 141 nations backed it while 32 abstained and seven, including Russia, voted against it.
National flags at the entrance in UN office at Geneva, Switzerland
The UN members should work together and unify in the face of the problems that the international community is facing today which are numerous, complex and “are no longer limited to traditional threats” as Prime Minister Kishida stated. “The adverse effects of COVID-19 and climate change, or how we can get more women’s participation in building peace are a small part of the mounting challenges”.
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