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Ise Jingu - Toyouke Daijingu

By Staff Writer
April 14, 2023
Toyoke Grand Shrine (Outer Shrine) of Ise Jingu is located in Toyokawa-cho, the center of Ise City. A 300-meter walk from Ise-shi Station leads to the vast forest of the outer shrine. The outer shrine of Ise Jingu is dedicated to the deity Toyoke Omikami, who is said to be in charge of Amaterasu's food. This deity is said to be the guardian of food, clothing, shelter, and all other industries. There are two shrines in Ise, the Imperial Grand Shrine, where Amaterasu is enshrined, and the Toyoke Grand Shrine, but worshippers always begin their visit at the Toyoke Grand Shrine. Like the Inner Shrine, the Outer Shrine has many events throughout the year. For about 1,500 years since the shrine was established, daily events have also been held to offer morning and evening meals to the gods and to offer prayers and thanksgiving.
The outer shrine entrance, with old-style thatched roofing
A shrine building next to a large tree
A platform built over a pond in the shrine complex
Tourists walking along a wide forest path to the Outer Shrine
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