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Terraced paddy field in Japan

By Staff Writer
June 02, 2023
Japan is a mountainous country, and there are terraced paddy fields in hilly and mountainous areas. Terraced paddy fields built on mountain slopes are one of the beautiful landscapes of Japan. Among them, some are registered as World Heritage Sites. Rice grown there is said to be more delicious. The reason for this is the abundance of sunlight. Since the rice terraces are located on the slopes of the mountains, they can receive a lot of sunlight even at sunrise and sunset, resulting in long hours of sunshine. In addition, they use meltwater and spring water from the mountains, which is very clean. In some areas of Japan, the farmers create some art in terraced paddy fields and rice fields for regioanl activation. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has selected “Japan’s Top 100 Terraced Paddy Fields” and promotes conservation and maintenance activities for them.
Aearial view of terraced paddy field
Cluster amaryllis blooming near rice terraces
Women planting rice
Rice terrace with painting
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