Minobusan Kuonji Temple

By Staff Writer
May 31, 2024
Minobusan Kuonji Temple is a representative Buddhist temple in Yamanashi. Nichiren Shonin, a Buddhist monk from the Kamakura period, arrived at Mt. Minobu in 1274. Kuonji Temple hall was built in 1281, and the temple was named “Minobusan Kuonji'' by him. Although it has been nearly 750 years since the temple was built, people continue to visit the temple to worship as it is a sacred place. Two weeping cherry blossom trees, each over 400 years old are on the temple grounds, alongside several other neaby famous scenic spots. Additionally, Minobusan ropeway is also popular with tourists who can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji, the Southern Alps, and Mt. Yatsugatake from the top of the mountain.
Weeping cherry blossoms blooming on the temple grounds
Weeping cherry blossoms blooming at the temple entrance
Cherry blossoms blooming surrounding Kuonji Temple
Mt. Fuji capped with snow
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