Wanko Soba Contest, Hanamaki, Iwate

By Staff Writer
March 17, 2023
In Hanamaki City in Iwate Prefecture, a wanko soba (buckwheat noodle) eating contest is held every February. This is a competition to see how many bowls of soba noodles can be consumed in five minutes. Many people from all over Japan participate in this competition, boasting of their gluttony. The record so far is 258 bowls. Wanko Soba is a traditional style of buckwheat noodle eaten in Iwate Prefecture, where bite-sized servings of noodles are placed in front of the customers,with new ones served each time the customer finishes eating. Along with Togakushi Soba in Nagano Prefecture and Izumo Soba in Shimane Prefecture, it is said to be one of the three most popular styles of soba in Japan.
A large array of bowls of wanko soba
Piles of bowls of wanko soba
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