Enshu Sanzan Wind Chime Festival

By Staff Writer
August 07, 2023
The Enshu Sanzan Wind Chime Festival is a festival held in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture from early summer to August. During this time, Hattasan, Kasuisai, and Yusan-ji, the three temples of Fukuroi City, delight tourists with wind chimes that sway in the wind and make cool sounds. "Furin", the wind chimes in Japan are believed to have originated from "Futaku" which are hung in the four directions of temple halls. Futaku makes a clanging sound when it is blown by the wind. Futaku has long been used in temples to ward off evil spirits. Houses in Japan hang them from the eaves. Wind chimes are a typical summer tradition in Japan, and the sound of them brings back the feeling of summer.
Many colorful wind chimes swaying in the wind
Wind chimes hunging from bamboo trees
Wind chimes in the corridor of a temple
A family walking under wind chimes
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