Golf Tourism in Japan

By Staff Writer
September 08, 2023
Japan has the second largest number of golf courses in the world, with about 2,000 courses. In addition, several Japanese golf courses have been selected among the "100 Best Golf Courses in the World" by Western magazines. The government considers golf as a new tourism resource and is making efforts to attract tourists to golf clubs. A golf club in Mie Prefecture held Japan's first golf tourism competition. The objective is to increase human interaction and put a spotlight on the region by inviting golfers from overseas. Hokkaido is famous for skiing, but it also has 150 golf courses. Hokkaido attracts golfers by providing a cool environment even in the hot summer season, and by offering other leisure activities besides golf, such as dining and sightseeing. At golf clubs in Gotenba located 1.5 hours from Tokyo, golfers can play golf while enjoying the view of Mt.Fuji.
A view of Mt. Fuji behind a golf course
A group of young people on a golf course
A man playing golf with a view of Mt Fuji
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