Miyawaki Method, a Japanese Tree Planting Method

By Staff Writer
November 27, 2023
The "Miyawaki Method" is a tree planting method that was developed and promoted by botanist Dr. Akira Miyawaki in the 1970s. This method involves selecting plants that are native to the area and most suited to the ecosystem. As a result of planting different types of plants closely together, young trees grow faster as they compete for as much sunlight as possible. With this method, forest regeneration which is said to take 1,000 years, can be successfully achieved in just a few decades. Dr. Miyawaki has guided the planting of more than 40 million trees at approximately 1,700 locations in Japan and overseas. It is called "Mini Forest" overseas and it has been adopted in several urban areas in Europe. This method allows us to protect the ecosystem and to create forests that are resistant to natural disasters. With deforestation and global warming on the rise, this method is now attracting worldwide attention.
Plant seedlings being planted
People planting seedlings
Trees growing in the forest
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