Hanging Hina Doll Festival in Inatori, Higashi-Izu, Shizuoka

By Staff Writer
February 20, 2024
The Hanging Hina Doll Festival or Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Matsuri is an event where handmade hina dolls are hung from the ceiling to pray for the health and happiness of young girls. It is held every year from 20 January to 31 March in Inatori Onsen located in Higashiizu, Shizuoka. Each doll has its meaning and is filled with a mother’s love for her child. This custom, born during the Edo period in Inatori is one of the most famous tsurushi kazari or hanging ornament traditions in Japan. It is believed that the tradition started when families who could not afford to buy expensive hina dolls displayed a pair of handmade hanging ornaments on either side of their tiered doll stands to celebrate the Peach Festival.
Hanging hina doll decorations and a hina dan
Hanging hina doll decorations and a hina dan on the staircase of Susanoo Shrine
A red hanging hina doll ornament
Hina doll decorations hanging from the ceiling in Inatori
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