AgriTech in Japan

By Staff Writer
November 25, 2022
Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) encourages AgriTech and is actively involved in smart farming initiatives. The use of drones and other robotic technologies, as well as farmland management systems that use information and communication technologies, make it possible for farm work to be done by fewer people while still producing high-quality crops. Traditionally, farmers grow crops based on their long years of wisdom and experience, and there are many methods that are difficult to communicate orally. With the introduction of monitors, however, such as ones installed in plastic greenhouses to measure temperature and humidity, measurement results can be kept as data that be shared among producers. The government hopes to utilize the power of IT to make agriculture more efficient and increase the farming population, which is declining year by year.
A grower using a tablet to check the status of plants
A large greenhouse filled with strawberry plants
A middle-age farmer standing outside with three young farmers
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