IT Revolution at Sushi Restaurants

By Staff Writer
March 17, 2023
IT is becoming more and more common in Japanese restaurants, especially at kaiten or conveyor-belt sushi restaurants. kaiten-sushi restaurants in Japan are often visited by families or groups, and there are many seats for customers. Although it may seem that there are few employees serving customers, there is a system in place that allows customers to dine comfortably. To avoid having to wait in line in front of the restaurant at lunch or dinner, customers can make reservations on their smart phones and head to the restaurant at the designated time. Once seated, orders are placed using a touch panel. When it is time to pay, the employee simply reads the IC tag embedded in the plates to determine the amount to be paid. In this way, kaiten-sushi restaurants have become popular eateries for today's busy people because they are highly IT-enabled and offer a quick dining experience.
Customer selecting sushi from a touch panel
Plates of sushi on a conveyor belt
A stack of empty plates at a kaiten-sushi restaurant
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