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Regional Revitalisation: Nagashima-cho, Kagoshima

By Staff Writer
January 06, 2023
Nagashima Town in Kagoshima Prefecture, is focusing on regional development. The town of Nagashima has a population of about 10,000 and is a thriving center of yellowtail aquaculture. As part of its efforts for local development, the town has set up a travel agency in the town office, which promotes the town's attractions and has developed a numbe rof travel products. These include sightseeing in Amakusa, a row of beautiful islands close to the coast that have become a popular tourist destination.

Nagashima Town has also created an innovative scholarship program. Since there is no high school in town, students often must leave town or move with their families. In such cases, if they return to Nagashima within 10 years, the town will cover much of their tuition fees. Because of this and other development plans in Nagashima, more and more young people are moving to the islands.
Aerial view of Nagashima, with fish farming pens
The Kuronoseto Bridge, linking Nagashima with the Kagoshima mainland
Students from Nagashima taking advantage of the town tuition reimbursement plan
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