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Hot spring power generation in Japan

By Staff Writer
October 13, 2023
Japan is famous for its hot springs and is said to have abundant geothermal resources. Hot spring power generation using the heat of hot springs is attracting attention all over the world. It does not require excavation like geothermal power generation, and because it uses the heat of hot springs, it does not emit carbon dioxide and is expected to be of great help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Japan's Ministry of the Environment has focused on the effective use of hot spring heat as a means of decarbonization and has begun providing support to promote energy conservation and the introduction of renewable energy equipment in hot spring areas around the country. In the future, power generation using hot spring heat is expected to become more widespread in Japan.
Hot water is flowing like a waterfall in the Yubatake field
Steam rising in various parts of the city
Steam rising in various parts in private houses
Hot-spring water
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