What is the G7 Summit?

By Staff Writer
May 24, 2023
The G7 Summit is an international meeting of the leaders of the seven industrialized countries. The G7 members are Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada. The European Union (EU) also joins the G7 Summit to discuss security, the economy, and other issues.

At the G7 Summit, leaders sit around one table and form a consensus on various international community issues through an informal, free, and vigorous exchange of views

Japan has hosted the summit six times in the past: Tokyo in 1979, 1986, and 1993; Okinawa in 2000; Hokkaido in 2008; and Mie in 2004. In 2023, Japan will chair the summit for the seventh time and will host the Hiroshima summit.
The City of Hiroshima
The city of Hiroshima
At the G7 Summit, the leaders of the G7 nations, who share fundamental values such as freedom, democracy, and human rights, freely and openly exchange views on important issues of the international community at the time, including the world economy, regional affairs, and various global issues, and compile and publish the results of their discussions in a document. Through the leadership of G7 leaders who share fundamental values, the G7 has been effectively responding to important international community issues.

How did the G7 Summit begin?

In the 1970s, the advanced countries, faced with various problems such as the Nixon Shock (1971) and the first oil crisis (1973), recognized the need for a forum to discuss policy coordination on macroeconomic, monetary, trade, energy, and other issues in a comprehensive manner at the leaders' level.

Then, the G7 started in Rambouillet city in France in 1975 to be held once every year from then onwards under a rotating presidency of the member states.
Flags of G7, group of seven countries
Flags of G7, group of seven countries
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