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G7 Ministerial Meeting on Industry, Technology, and Digital 2024 and Japan’s Role

By Staff Writer
May 10, 2024
This year the G7 Ministerial Meeting on Industry, Technology, and Digital was held in Verona and Trento in Italy from 13 to 15 March. At the end of the meeting, participants including Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US adopted a joint declaration.
G7 members at a negotiating table

Highlights of the G7 Ministerial Meeting

Discussions on the first day focused on topics including the application of AI and emerging technologies to the industrial sector; security and resilience of supply chains and networks; sustainable and inclusive digital development at a global level, with a focus on Africa. The second day agenda included AI in the public sector, digital governance and support for the implementation of the results of the Hiroshima Process on AI, launched at the G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023 to promote international rule making for advanced AI systems.

The joint declaration adopted by G7 members identified as priorities the development of human-centred, secure, and efficient digital public services, aimed at simplifying the lives of citizens and cutting red tape for companies.

The Italian Presidency and the other G7 members agreed to develop a Toolkit for AI in the public sector for the dissemination and ethical use of AI applications. Furthermore, they will create the Compendium of Digital Public Services to collect examples of how G7 governments are approaching and leveraging digital government services, and digital security.
AI graphic

Japan’s role

Japan’s role and influence in the G7 ministerial meetings are visible in various ways. G7 members declared their commitment to further advancing the Hiroshima AI Process Comprehensive Policy Framework launched under the Japanese G7 presidency last year. Japan’s Digital Minister Taro Kono who attended the meeting is pushing for the use of AI in government and is seeking to foster this framework through Japan’s Digital Agency.

Moreover, during its G7 presidency, Japan promoted the Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT), a concept proposed by the country back in 2019, and the establishment of the Institutional Arrangement for Partnership (IAP). These were also endorsed by G7 members this year and included in the ministerial declaration.
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