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Historical Building : Buddhist Temples in the Horyu-ji area

By Staff Writer
January 06, 2023
2021 marked the 1,400th anniversary of the death of Prince Shotoku. A leading figure during the Asuka period, Prince Shotoku was a devout Buddhist and worked to promote the emergence of the recently-arrived religion. Due to his influence, the first Buddhist culture flourished in Japan during the Asuka period, and Horyu-ji Temple was built in Nara along with other Buddhist structures in the area. Horyu-ji temple was not only designated as a national cultural property, it was also registered as Japan's first World Heritage site in 1993. Horyu-ji is known as the oldest surviving wooden structure in Japan. Once mostly destroyed by fire, it was rebuilt about 1,300 years ago. Surrounding Horyu-ji are the five-storied pagoda and the Daihozoin Temple, which houses several national treasures. This area has a rich history and is visited by many students on school excursions.
Horyuji's Kondo hall and five-story pagoda
Students on a school trip approaching Horyuji's inner gate
The Yumedono (Hall of Dreams), part of Horyuji
The Kudarakan'nondo, which houses one of Japan's national treasures
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